How Can I Serve Your Visual Story Needs?

I want to help your ministry become more effective in using visual storytelling techniques to reach your target audience. I do this through collaboration and mentoring, to help your team become more proficient in this important task. Through my team, 10X Productions, I serve other ministries by providing specialized training and co-production services.

Story & Script Development Training: You need a great story, well-told, in order to move your audience. This is one of the most neglected parts of media development for most ministries. Let me come and do a short seminar that walks you through the key elements of story, script structure, plot, and character development. By the end of a seminar, you’ll have a short film script, ready to produce, that will meet your intended communication goals.

Short Film Development Training and Co-Production: Effective visual storytelling is more than just knowing how to operate a camera and computer software. Let me work alongside your team members in a collaborative co-production of a short film. By the end of this training, your team will have had a ‘real-world’ experience in short filmmaking, and will be equipped to do more on their own.

Green screen studio training in Tanzania

Media Production Training Workshops: Tell me the level of media production experience and training your team has and let me tailor a training experience that will help them in areas where they feel weak. Special emphasis can be made in mobile technology, camerawork and lighting, working with actors (including non-professionals), sound production, editing and visual effects, and other technical aspects of filmmaking.

Script Writing and Collaboration: If you have a story you need told and would like help developing an effective and creative script, I am available as a writer. I have professional experience in all forms of script writing: dramatic long-form screenplays, short films, documentaries, promotional and commercial scripts, and print materials like brochures and web site copy.

Mass Media Campaign Development: If you want to reach spiritual seekers among a large population, mass media may play a key role. However, it will only work if the story you tell on television or the internet is tied to a follow-up system to engage people who respond to the message. My team can help you think through the most effective way to tell a story and then connect viewers with follow-up to help them in their path of discipleship.

Feature Film Production: In some settings, feature films are still the most impactful way to tell a story to a large audience. We have experience telling award-winning, cross-cultural spiritual stories in feature film and through long-form dramatic stories that can be delivered in theaters, on television, or the Internet. Let us partner with you to produce a compelling story. You can learn more about our most recent feature project, “The Enemy God” if you click HERE.

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