An indie filmmaker’s job is never done.

An indie filmmaker’s job is never done. How to best (and cheaply) store reels of film neg, HD… from The Enemy God

Author: TomK

I'm a husband, father, and adopted child of God. Vocationally, I'm a visual storyteller; that means filmmaker with all its possible variations as the world of visual storytelling grows and changes. I like to tell and pass on stories that help people find the place where their deep satisfaction meets the others' deep needs.

2 thoughts on “An indie filmmaker’s job is never done.”

    1. Hey Phillip,

      We shot the film on Super16 and 35mm. All of our sync shots were Super16, shot with an Aaton LTR-54. We had two matched Aatons. We have a sweet Canon 8-64mm zoom and also a set of older Zeiss SuperSpeed primes that our DP owned. The 35 mm shots were our wider establishing shots, crane shots of the jungle and villages. They were shot with an Arri IIC. That camera is a noisy, non-crystal camera but makes great images where you need to bring out the detail of the jungle and such.


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