“Street Language” – Sometimes There Is No Negotiating

There are some situations that you can just solve with money; sometimes money doesn’t talk!

I’m in the midst of a creative film production with an all-volunteer cast and crew, a mix of seasoned professionals and students, and locations that are being provided gratis by a variety of business and property owners. [This isn’t all that unusual, but I’m a long way from film school and sometimes wonder whether I should have developed a ‘real’ career by now!]

Our Alley Location - beautiful!

Late last week one of our key locations for “Street Language” fell through. Actually, it became apparent that, for all of our conversations and attempts to ‘lock’ a skid-row motel room for a long day of filming, the manager had decided we weren’t worth the hassle. No way to reserve a room, no guarantee one would be empty, no control whatsoever – so we bailed. There are some situations that you can just solve with money; pay more for the room, rent for a week, etc. Sometimes even money doesn’t talk.

Of course, I was praying hard this weekend!

We are partnering with a great organization Mile High Ministries, who is hot on the project and wants to help. So we got back on the phone to them. They run a transitional housing facility for homeless families called Joshua Station. Yesterday, just before our final production team meeting, we got word that they have a room available for us. Someone just moved out, so it could be a mess. Perfect!

We are really fortunate to have a great crew of volunteers for this project and they are doing their best to keep their commitments to our shooting schedule. It’s a lot to ask of these people who all have other jobs, families, and lives outside of our project. So we are very grateful.

We go into production this coming weekend (Aug 20/21). You can help us make it happen by joining our production team through our IndieGoGo page.

Author: TomK

I'm a husband, father, and adopted child of God. Vocationally, I'm a visual storyteller; that means filmmaker with all its possible variations as the world of visual storytelling grows and changes. I like to tell and pass on stories that help people find the place where their deep satisfaction meets the others' deep needs.

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