VOD Rides to the Rescue of Indie Film

Are you an indie filmmaker? Amidst the chaos of dropping DVD sales, seemingly worthless deals on Netflix, and the daunting expense of even a small theatrical release, here’s some brighter news.

I’ve thought that VOD showed the only promise for true independent films. Here’s an article that says others (who know much more than me) think the same way – and are making it work!

VOD Rides to the Rescue of Indie Film | The Wrap Movies.

Eamonn Bowles, president and co-founder of Magnolia Pictures, told TheWrap. “Platform releasing, where you opened in a couple of theaters and hoped to expand later, was a recipe for disaster. The paradigm was broken, so we had no choice but to hit on something that made sense.”

After all, just a few years ago, with a number of high-profile art house distributors such as Miramax and Warner Independent Pictures shutting off the lights, it seemed like independent film might be dying.

Of course, that was when we completed our indie feature, “The Enemy God”. I thought, “What great timing! The whole independent world is dying and remaking itself into something – and no one knows what it will look like!”

But read on. Things seem to be settling, even if only a bit.

Today, independent film companies are feeling better about not just the prospects for on demand, but are also bullish about the new licensing fees being paid by streaming companies like Hulu and Netflix.

Gary Delfiner, senior vice president of digital distribution at Screen Media, told TheWrap. “There are more and more outlets for filmmakers to get their films out there. It’s not just TV and cable and theatrical anymore. If you make your product in the right budget range, you have a lot more outlets to get it out there.”

You still have to do your homework: know your audience and target them with an appropriate story and appropriate budget. That’s not always easy in itself, but at least there are some VOD platforms that seem to be viable AND give hope for a financial return.

Author: TomK

I'm a husband, father, and adopted child of God. Vocationally, I'm a visual storyteller; that means filmmaker with all its possible variations as the world of visual storytelling grows and changes. I like to tell and pass on stories that help people find the place where their deep satisfaction meets the others' deep needs.

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