Belize Benefit Screening of “The Enemy God”

Folks in Belize are rightly proud of the work they did on our film, The Enemy God. We’re pleased that they’ve selected the film as part of this special benefit festival. This is from a note we received this week from the festival Director:

THE RADISSON FORT GEORGE HOTEL, THE BELIZE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND HISTORY are collaborating to present a selection of  films made in Belize – during the month of September, 2010 – which as you know is a month of national pride for us. All entrance  proceeds from this screening will go to the Stella Marris School of  Special Education in Belize City.

Your  film THE ENEMY GOD has been pre-selected to be a part of this special screening.

The work our K’ekchi’ Maya actors and our many other Belizean crew members did on the film is a testimony to their creativity and dedication. As indigenous people, constantly looked down-upon by others, our friends told us that the film proves that the K’ekchi’ are capable of great things. Now, once again, the people of Belize will have a chance to see the fruit of our labors together.

The Second Trail – God Behind The Scenes

It was about a dream fulfilled and a God who made it all come together. I couldn’t put it down!”

The Second Trail
The Second Trail - Behind the scenes of The Enemy God

“This book is an exciting adventure in the art of filmmaking in a challenging environment and among diverse cultures.  It was about a dream fulfilled and a God who made it all come together.  I couldn’t put it down!” – Lita Stang

Sometimes, the stories behind a film equal the drama and emotion of the film itself. The making of our film, The Enemy God, has those kinds of stories behind it. Now, in a new book, Amber Castagna, one of the crew members on the film, captures the drama, the joys, the pain, and the miracles we saw in bringing one of God’s stories to the screen.

Amber has written her own account of the film in this new book, The Second Trail. We’re happy to be making it available alongside the DVD of the movie and some other books that tell about what God has done among the Yanomamö of Venezuela. You will be amazed and encouraged by this book!

Click here to check out the book: The Second Trail – The Making of A Yanomamö Film « The Enemy God – The Movie.

Book Of The Year: Growing Up Yanomamö

…was recently voted “Book of the Year, Biographies” by the Christian Small Publishers Association.

Growing Up Yanomamö
Growing Up Yanomamö

I was excited to hear that a friend’s book, Growing Up Yanomamö, was recently voted “Book of the Year, Biographies” by the Christian Small Publishers Association.

“… a bit of Huck Finn, with an Amazon twist.” says Simon Romero, Andean Bureau Chief, “The New York Times”

It’s a fun read, about Mike Dawson’s years growing up in the jungle as the child of missionary parents. He also reveals some very personal trials and his experiences of how God’s faithfulness is demonstrated in every circumstance.

You can buy the book here on our web site. Look for the special pricing on the book bundled with The Enemy God DVD.

Mike also happens to be one our our Executive Producers on The Enemy God film. He brought continuity between our indigenous partners and our filmmaking team that was essential to making a truly authentic film.

A chance to see a film that will open your eyes!

Dr. Ted Baehr says, “The Enemy God is captivating. This is one of the great stories. It is a highly recommended movie.”

The Enemy God is captivating. This is one of the great stories. It is a highly recommended movie.

– Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide

Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God is a film that will challenge your view of the spiritual and physical world, through the eyes of an indigenous shaman. It tells the true story of the freedom that came to his people when he began to question the spirits who had taught him their traditional ways.

We have some new screenings of this award-winning film scheduled for this spring. If you live in Ontario, Canada or in Southern California, you will want to catch these showings. Click the link below for more details.

The Enemy God web site: Upcoming Screenings Post

We are adding more screenings as we are able. If you would like to host a screening, please let me know.

Festival Invitation for The Enemy God

One of our alternate posters

It’s always nice when someone invites you to submit your film to a festival. We have not been submitting The Enemy God since late 2008, but are feeling that some more festival exposure might help get the word out and give us something to talk about! Waiting for distribution deals from our sales agent is an exercise in perseverance.

I got an e-mail today from the First Nations Festival in Montreal, Canada. They are looking for indigenous-themed and/or produced films. We have enjoyed the indigenous festivals we have been in so we thought this sounded like a good opportunity.

Patience, a Gift No One Wants to Earn

Our film just received a great review from a well-known critic. I can’t publish it yet because they’re proofing it and haven’t told us of a release date. But, I want to give just a hint (from a very comprehensive review) here:

THE ENEMY GOD is a low budget but very well made movie. It cares deeply about authenticity and achieves that goal with the set direction, the battle scenes, and the portrayals of the Yanomamö. … The script is powerful… THE ENEMY GOD is much better than most Hollywood movies.

This is one of the great stories. It is a highly recommended movie.

The main reason I’m posting this today is because I have been reminded of the value of patience and persistence. We’ve been working on this film for almost 8 years. That’s crazy! And it will never be a blockbuster commercial success; we know that.

When we got the e-mail with the review today, we passed it on to our Writer/Director, Christopher Bessette. He deserves the accolades. And here’s what he wrote back to me, in part:

You know that you and Matt have made a completely unconventional movie. It is cutting edge because no one has done something like this before. People don’t realize it yet – but the film will have longevity because of it. Like it has been said before they will be looking it up in 200 years in the history books. People don’t realize it now but slowly and eventually it will grow and grow and they will.

Zaven (Katchaturian) from the Arpa Film Festival told me personally that they were considering giving the actors awards but then they began to question as to whether or not they were watching reality or drama.  When they realized it was drama they gave me the award. That was very kind of them… and it is a God thing for sure, but trust me… eventually it will come to pass that greater masses will realize what this means.

Isaiah 55:11 – God’s Word will not return empty but it will accomplish that for which He sent it.

God is with us!

What Christopher’s note reminded me of is that, just because I’m tired of working one more day to make this film a reality, writing more e-mails trying to get attention for the story, Twittering and Facebooking without huge followings, God is working through the film. Matt and I began it with the assumption that it was totally out of our league and was something God needed to do. He did, and continues to make His story known in wider and wider circles, where it is still unknown.

Do we have the patience and perseverance to see things through? Sometimes I think I know when God is saying to just quit something. Other times, I depend on His Spirit to confirm that, even though the breakthrough hasn’t yet come, it doesn’t mean that God has changed His mind.

“Avatar is real” say tribal people « The Enemy God – The Movie

An immersive visual feast? Pantheistic drivel? Box-office champ? No matter what you think of the film, some audiences are relating more strongly because of their own history with those searching for wealth in their homelands. Here’s a post from our film blog.

“Avatar is real” say tribal people « The Enemy God – The Movie