Now Streaming – “The Enemy God” indigenous film

I’m really pleased to announce that a feature-length film I produced, “The Enemy God” is now available for streaming rental or purchase on Vimeo On Demand. Watch the trailer here, then, just click on the “From $2.99” button on the video to rent or purchase.

The Enemy God from Tom Khazoyan on Vimeo.

This multi-award-winning film tells the story of a Yanomamö shaman and his search for the truth about the spirits he served. It is a powerful, true story, told from the point of view of an indigenous people group from the Amazon rainforest.

The Second Trail – God Behind The Scenes

It was about a dream fulfilled and a God who made it all come together. I couldn’t put it down!”

The Second Trail
The Second Trail - Behind the scenes of The Enemy God

“This book is an exciting adventure in the art of filmmaking in a challenging environment and among diverse cultures.  It was about a dream fulfilled and a God who made it all come together.  I couldn’t put it down!” – Lita Stang

Sometimes, the stories behind a film equal the drama and emotion of the film itself. The making of our film, The Enemy God, has those kinds of stories behind it. Now, in a new book, Amber Castagna, one of the crew members on the film, captures the drama, the joys, the pain, and the miracles we saw in bringing one of God’s stories to the screen.

Amber has written her own account of the film in this new book, The Second Trail. We’re happy to be making it available alongside the DVD of the movie and some other books that tell about what God has done among the Yanomamö of Venezuela. You will be amazed and encouraged by this book!

Click here to check out the book: The Second Trail – The Making of A Yanomamö Film « The Enemy God – The Movie.

Book Of The Year: Growing Up Yanomamö

…was recently voted “Book of the Year, Biographies” by the Christian Small Publishers Association.

Growing Up Yanomamö
Growing Up Yanomamö

I was excited to hear that a friend’s book, Growing Up Yanomamö, was recently voted “Book of the Year, Biographies” by the Christian Small Publishers Association.

“… a bit of Huck Finn, with an Amazon twist.” says Simon Romero, Andean Bureau Chief, “The New York Times”

It’s a fun read, about Mike Dawson’s years growing up in the jungle as the child of missionary parents. He also reveals some very personal trials and his experiences of how God’s faithfulness is demonstrated in every circumstance.

You can buy the book here on our web site. Look for the special pricing on the book bundled with The Enemy God DVD.

Mike also happens to be one our our Executive Producers on The Enemy God film. He brought continuity between our indigenous partners and our filmmaking team that was essential to making a truly authentic film.

THE ENEMY GOD – Movieguide Review

TEG Poster

“This is one of the great stories. It is a highly recommended movie.” – Dr. Ted Baeher,

Read the whole review here: ENEMY GOD – Christian Movie Review.

Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide is a fan of the book Spirit of the Rainforest. That book recounts some of the same historical events found in our film, Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God. The same community of Yanomamö in Venezuela came to us almost ten years ago to ask us to make a film about  their lives and the spiritual freedom that they have found.

It is very gratifying to us to have his official, public, review of the film. We feel he did a very honest and insightful review of the film, from a specifically Christian point-of-view. What I like about Dr. Baehr’s reviews is that he digs deep in any film, secular or “Christian”, and examines worldview and the context for content that may be challenging or offensive to some.

As always, we are looking for ways to spread the word about the film. The world is crowded with content. Some of it is worthy, other, not so much. If you read this and read the Movieguide review, help us spread the love!

[Of course, you can buy the DVD for yourself right here: BUY THE DVD]

Festival Invitation for The Enemy God

One of our alternate posters

It’s always nice when someone invites you to submit your film to a festival. We have not been submitting The Enemy God since late 2008, but are feeling that some more festival exposure might help get the word out and give us something to talk about! Waiting for distribution deals from our sales agent is an exercise in perseverance.

I got an e-mail today from the First Nations Festival in Montreal, Canada. They are looking for indigenous-themed and/or produced films. We have enjoyed the indigenous festivals we have been in so we thought this sounded like a good opportunity.

“Avatar is real” say tribal people « The Enemy God – The Movie

An immersive visual feast? Pantheistic drivel? Box-office champ? No matter what you think of the film, some audiences are relating more strongly because of their own history with those searching for wealth in their homelands. Here’s a post from our film blog.

“Avatar is real” say tribal people « The Enemy God – The Movie