Films With Benefits

Highlighting Joshua Station, one of the non-profit partners for our film, Street Language, nearing the start of principal photography.

(I won’t apologize for the reference to a certain current film that pursues an age-old, often-answered question.)

We are less than two weeks away from beginning shooting on our short film, Street Language. We’re doing rehearsals with actors, assembling equipment packages, gathering costumes and props, etc.

Because this film is multifaceted (it’s a mentoring project and resource for organizations working in urban centers), I want to highlight one of the partners in this project, Joshua Station. They are friends who are helping with advice, curriculum help, and we’ll introduce them to audiences at our screenings so people can make a difference themselves.

Joshua Station is a faith based community helping families make the transformation from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment

Click Here to learn more about Joshua Station

We are really proud to be partnering with these great people who are making a real difference in the lives of homeless families in our area.

We also appreciate your financial support for this film – click here to donate through our IndieGoGo page